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 Drain Clearing and Inspection 

Got a Clog?
Root or Childs Toy?  
Let our state of the art cameras find the problem fast. 

Patti the Plumber in Key West and Marathon is proud to have the most advanced technology available for drain cleaning and clog removal. Our inspection cameras allow us locate clogs quickly, so we can be in and out of customers' homes faster than other plumbers. With our water jetting systems, we are able to clear stubborn clogs much faster too. That way, our customers don't have to suffer with a slow draining sink or bathtub any longer than necessary. 


Not only do we have the latest tools for drain cleaning and clog removal, but we also guarantee quality service every time. Our experienced technicians are highly trained in using these cutting-edge technologies, so they know exactly what needs to be done before they get started on a project.  We're confident that you'll be happy with the results from Patti the Plumber from Key West to Marathon - just ask any of our satisfied customers!

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