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  • Do You have Same Day Service?
    Yes. Unless there are crazy circumstances, we usually are able to make it to you house quite quickly!
  • What are your core services as a plumbing company?
    Our service team is excellent in responding to emergency calls at all hour’s day and night. Focusing on everything from repairs, installations, or even replacing defective plumbing components. - We have really grown in installing Whole house water filters for properties. These filters are great additions to any resident or commercial property and ensuring that people are using and consuming the cleanest and safest water. - Our drain cleaning services are another strong suit of ours. We are incredibly efficient in clearing blockages that maybe other companies or technicians may find difficult. We carry a wide variety of tools and equipment to manage even the most difficult of drains. - We have the equipment to also camera drain lines which allows us to get a better view of any blockages or damage done to the existing plumbing which gives us better plan of approach to repair any damages that are present. - We have a high water pressured jetter for drain lines that can penetrate the most severe blockages often coming from corroded pipes obstructed by tree roots, but also major build ups of waste products.
  • What sets your plumbing services apart from your competitors?
    - We as a company strive for excellence. We want to assure the customers are getting a great service. We not only want our work to be functional, but we take the time to make sure it has excellent appearance. Communication plays a huge role in our company from top to bottom. New/existing customers know when they call Patti The Plumber that they are going to talk to someone, not an answering machine or automated message, but a member of the Patti team. We constantly communicate to our customers when in route, throughout the job, and even after the job is completed, we let them know to contact us for any future problems.
  • How Soon Can a Plumber Be Here?
    Often, we can get to you the same day.
  • What do I do about a leaking Pipe?
    Call us right away we will walk you through what to do.
  • Which Areas Do You Serve?
    Key West to Marathon
  • How do you handle customer complaints or feedback?
    - Obviously we will run into an issue at one point or another where the customer may not agree with our methods. I think that’s just a natural part of business. I know we haven’t received too many complaints, but we’re also not perfect. I think it falls into a level of trust. We want to ensure that how we plan a job is in the best interest of the customer. If problems arise, we try to compromise a solution that works for both parties. If things need to be corrected, instead of arguing we just do what the customer insists.
  • How do you prioritize safety in your plumbing operations?
    - Every team that is on a job site is generally in teams of two. The main reason for this is in the event there is an accident on the job site that there will be someone to assist in the event of an injury. Our teams are provided with adequate tools and equipment for them to perform their job with safety being the highest priority. From gloves, protective glass, first aid kits, hazmat type suits for the real nasty stuff. On some of our excavated projects we ensure that the work area is also safe. We will rope off all hazardous areas with cones, caution tape, boards of plywood over pits/holes until the job area is safe to use.
  • How do you stay up to date with the latest plumbing industry trends and technologies?
    We stay up to date with all the plumbing code requirements. We are very knowledgeable in doing things correctly. We carry a wide variety of tools that make the trade much to do. For example, having the ability to camera a line gives us the opportunity to view the problem and pinpoint the location of the issue and how to repair it vs. going at it blindly not knowing what or where the issue(s) are.
  • What is your pricing structure for different plumbing services?
    This kind of fluctuates quite a bit. Depends on what type of job, how long it takes, materials, etc., but most of our generic calls (clogged toilet, water heater install) are flat rated.
  • How do you handle emergency plumbing situations or after-hours calls?
    Our after-hours calls are always approach promptly and we try and get there a team on site as quickly as possible. We have a few service teams each night that are ready to respond in the event. As for me, I will soon be able to be on call for any inquires that come in whether it be an emergency or next day job.
  • Do you have any specific certifications or licenses relevant to your plumbing services?
    We have a plumbing license to operate in the city of Key West as well as all of Monroe County. Soon obtaining a license in the city of Marathon and obtaining our A/C License at the moment.
  • How do you maintain the cleanliness and organization of work areas?
    We treat every home as if it was our home by making sure we leave a job work area as clean as when we arrived. All debris will be removed from our work areas and being careful not to spread it to other areas.
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